The Pleasure Chest, a sex shop that's got stores in NYC, Chicago and sunny Los Angeles, is celebrating 40 years of selling porn, dildos and condoms with a big party and they're apparently throwing all caution to the glitter-filled wind.

This store has catered to all kinds of lifestyles – from regular old vanilla folks in need of some KY and a condom to leather daddies in need of a new set of assless chaps before the pride parade starts – for decades. And that's not an easy feat.

It's one thing to stick around when you're not exactly the most wholesome shop on the block, but to be able to stock enough gear to satiate almost every shopper's fetish is a special treat for us heathens. So fuck yeah we're gonna celebrate The Pleasure Chest's existence – especially now that we know what's in store for us when we walk through the velvet drapes.

The “Gloryhole: The Pleasure Chest Uncut” gala is set for Sept. 29 in West Hollywood and lets guests mix and mingle with all kinds of “sexual glitterati,” including those curious to see the kind of after-hours fornication made famous by peep shows of yesteryear.

But this party is invite-only, so you'd better RSVP fast to get on the list. Why?

First of all you'll be fraternizing with the likes of porn legends Belladonna, April Flores, Nina Hartley, Kitty Cadillac, Damon Holzum and Mistress Mary & Sir (and others will show up, without a doubt). Not just anyone can handle that.

BBW Porn Superstar April Flores

BBW Porn Superstar April Flores

Second, there will be a spanking booth that only the brightest bums can take advantage of. Can you take it? We're skeptical.

Sword swallowers, stilt walkers, strippers and a monkey or two will be making the rounds while live DJs spin mood music, and a private “Polite in Public” photobooth will likely be one of the night's hot spots. Kiss and tell, people. Kiss and tell.

Belladonna: One of the best in the biz, and damn right she likes anal.

Belladonna: One of the best in the biz, and damn right she likes anal.

But the best part is the XXX Gloryhole, a special setup that lets guests take a peek at some of the most extreme aspects of human sexuality – equal parts tease and sleaze. Faint of heart? Get a cocktail or three in ya before you check it out.

RSVP ASAP to and get more details at

See you there?

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