Condom review and safe sex info site Lucky Bloke is in the midst of Mission: Great Sex!, what its founders call the most comprehensive condom review process ever.

A selection of men, women and couples of all sexual lifestyles were sent a slew of condoms from the nation's top brands and told to fuck a lot and report back whether or not they liked the protective sheaths they'd been assigned to wear.

Kimono, Lifestyles, TROJAN, Durex…all the basics are there, plus more than a few wildcards, all in the hopes to have every popular-ish condom reviewed and listed on one website. Presumably so you and I can hop on and choose what's best to get the job done before we bump uglies.

Cuz there are a lot of condom brands out there that you don't know about — but definitely should!

“Finding the perfect condom (which varies even more widely than you might think) will greatly enhance sex,” Lucky Bloke CEO Melissa White told AfterDarkLA. “This is a new concept to many condom users who have only tried the basic condoms offered in standard retail. In this day and age, if you don't love your condom, you are simply using the wrong one for you.”

It's a lofty concept, as most of the universe has deemed condoms “boner killers” and a nuisance to anyone looking to have genuine spontaneous sex. But you know what else ruins spur-of-the-moment fornication? “Hey, I've got herpes.”

No one likes condoms and we've all forgone condom-clad intercourse in the attempt to have more satisfying sex — but what White is hoping to accomplish with Mission: Great Sex! is show us heathens that we hate the physical feeling of protected sex so much because we're simply wearing the wrong kind.

“We wanted to offer the opportunity for people (in every demographic) to experience and explore condoms that they don't normally have easy access to — allowing them to discover condoms that, actually, take sex to a higher level,” White said.

Couldn't hurt to take one on the road...

Couldn't hurt to take one on the road…

So the team sent out a global call for people interested in participating, and in just three weeks 800 men and women in 28 different countries were selected and sent a variety of condom samples. Each shipment contained a set of brands and styles chosen according to reviewers' personal preferences and size requirements, which they outlined in questionnaires filled out during the application process.

White said about 70 condom styles are included in the current review program, the unbiased results of which are planned to be shared with condom manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike.

A retail outlet itself, is mean to be a go-to spot for STI-prevention shopping and even offers a subscription service to those of us having so much sex, there's just no time to run to the drugstore to refill. (They've got shit selection, anyhow.)

And CVS doesn't have a proclaimed “condom concierge” like Lucky Bloke boasts, offering shoppers a trained professional to provide support regarding proper fit and sizing.

What Lucky Bloke isn't currently having reviewed is the FC2 female condom, which is the only condom that couples can use confidently and comfortably regardless of dick size and is made of nitrile, which eliminates the itchy irritated redness that prolonged latex contact can cause the skin.

“As this is non-latex, this is incredibly important to couples with latex sensitivities,” White said. “If a man requires a slim-fit condom (and 30-35 percent of men do) there is no other non-latex option.”

But the FC2 is tricky and, quite frankly, weird, so White says it's first in line for the next round of reviews.

“There is a small learning curve with the FC2, so we felt that offering it as a standalone review would really benefit the condom, as well as our reviewers,” she said.

Can't wait to hear the consensus!

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