Sex and the City

Art imitated the highlife last week at the premiere screening of The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, a movie about hooking up (bootie, drugs & clubs) in Hollywood. The cuties in the film name-check Cinespace within the first five minutes, natch (it’s where the screening took place); and other hot spots — including Vine Bar, Star Shoes and Beauty Bar — are prominently featured. We sat next to the owners of Star Shoes and Vine Bar, respectively, Johnny Nixon and Samir Khader, while laughing our sox off at the flick, which unfolds in a “How To”–type format. Not sure they found it quite as amusing — particularly the bit on how to print your own free drink tix! You’re sure to be hearing more about this one, which also features scenesters such as Coyote Shivers and Dirty Sanchez’s Mario Diaz — who plays a straight guy pretending to be gay to get laid. (It’s funnier if you actually know Diaz, who is sooo homo . . . he throws clubs called Hot Dog and Big Fat Dick!) At Shoes’ after-party, writer/director Paul Sapiano told us cable TV is interested, which ain’t surprising; The Guide is great, though it sure made us glad we’re not single!

{mosimage}Swank You Very Much

Two strikingly décored new drinkin’ holes launched last week, and while they both look fancy enough for the velvet rope-’n’-grope crowd, they’ve also got secret weapons to ensure indie cred. The baroque-style bistro Citizen Smith on Cahuenga (yeah, we didn’t think there was any room left either), owned by Andrew Belchic, has hired Radio promoter Stephen Hauptfuhr to book DJs. We popped in last Saturday while Apollo Starr spun, and though we struggled like everyone else with the giant automatic door leading to the patio, we found the schmancy-ass interior quite inviting. The next night we checked out Sean MacPherson’s Bar Lubitsch (formerly The Parlour Club) in WeHo, where Pash! promoter/DJ Myles Hendrick is now creative director. The space, done up 1939-Moscow-speakeasy-meets-disco style, is thematic to say the least: The staff even don red uniforms. No commies in da house, but we did spot Gina Gershon and Marisa Tomei checking out the drink menu, which includes a zillion vodkas and strong sippers such as “the Molotov Cocktail.”

{mosimage}Later Gator

Nightranger can’t be everywhere! We chickened out of an apparently bodacious bus trip to San Diego last Sunday, where Beauty Bar opened its newest digs (featuring a set by The Like), but we hear the Hollywood hip ship rocked the S.D. . . . After a few delays, Safari Sam’s will open this Thursday, February 9, with The Sex Pistols Experience, a Johnny Rotten–endorsed cover band, who’ll be on Jonesy’s Jukebox the same day . . . And finally, our friends at the L.A. Times bade a fond adieu to Robert Hilburn (for whom we had the privilege to write on several occasions) with a bash last week that included a video greeting from Elton John, a bagpipe player courtesy of U2, and handwritten notes from Bruce Springsteen and Eminem. The Times, they are a-changin’ . . . We’ll miss ya, Bob.

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