The mosh pit lives! Here in Los Angeles, in particular, you can get down and dirty at venues across the city, both legal and not-so-much. Whether it's punk, hardcore, ska, metal or a show in another genre, there's a pit with your name on it almost every night of the week.

But don't go unprepared. Be sure to know what you're doing, or you're likely to get bruised, battered, or worse. (And not in a fun way.) So here, then, are seven mosh pit moves to employ the next time you found yourself elbow-to-elbow with dozens of your closest sweaty friends.

The Jump

The jump is the easiest of mosh techniques, especially if you're afraid to make contact with any human beings. All you do is jump, just like House of Pain taught us to do in 1992.

The Lap

The Lap is easy too — it's basically just walking around in a fucking circle. As for the intensity and speed? Well, that runs from slow (say, if you're moshing at a One Direction concert, which you probably shouldn't) to fast, at, say, an Insane Clown Posse concert, which you definitely should.

The Push

This is a response to someone who gets in your way as you take a lap around the pit. How hard? We suggest somewhere between Gandhi and Bryant Gumble — aka not hard. If you're doing it at, say, Amanda Bynes levels, you will most likely get punched in the face.


Skanking is a classic ska move, but can be seen at punk, hardcore, and reggae shows as well. It's basically the running man while making punching motions, or perhaps a punk version of salsa dancing. Do it fast and gritty and, if you're really talented, do it backwards like Michael Jackson.


This involves two people lightly punching each other in the chest while dancing to the rhythm. This is not meant to cause pain of course, but if you're going to do this, do it with someone you trust. Safety first.

The Wall Of Death

The Wall of Death was probably developed by someone who'd watched too many hours of Braveheart. What happens is that two rows of people stand on opposite sides of the pit and run into each other at high speed. Fortunately for you, this does not always end in death. Skip to 1:33 on the video above to feel your balls (or female equivalent) go right up to your stomach.

The Fire Pit

When daylight is waning but the concert is still going strong, sometimes fire pits will pop up on festival grounds. All it takes is a knocked over trash can and a match or discarded cigarette and voilà — ignition. Most people will run in a circle around the fire, but the real daredevils will jump over it.

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