Every little boy has been called anti-gay slurs by a kid who's bigger and badder.

But in a world in which we now realize people are born with homosexual traits from day one, this has become seriously harmful discrimination for kids who really are gay.

California Sen. Tom Ammiano on Monday introduced a bill called “Seth's Law” that would create sexual-orientation harassment policies for state schools. It's named for …

Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old from Tehachapi who committed suicide last year after being bullied at school for being gay.

According to a statement from the ACLU, which backs the law, Ammiano's bill would …

-Create strong and clear anti-harassment policies and programs, if they don't have them already.

-Have a system in place to ensure that all reports of harassment are taken seriously, addressed quickly, and that parents and students understand the process of making these complaints.

-Explain the harmful impact of bullying and discrimination to students and staff.

-Provide ongoing professional development for teachers, school counselors and administrators about identifying and stopping harassment and discrimination and creating a school-wide culture of inclusion and respect for difference.

Says Ammiano:

Each day throughout California, LGBT youth experience harassment. I am proud to introduce this bill in honor of Seth Walsh, which will give schools the necessary tools to prevent any young person from being bullied, harassed or worse because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

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