It was only Monday that we were boasting about L.A.'s unseasonable, record-high temperatures in the 80s. Records fell at UCLA, Long Beach, Burbank Airport and San Gabriel.

And this weekend? Rain. So much of it that the National Weather Service issued a “special weather statement” late Thursday:

“Strong Pacific storm systems will bring winds and locally heavy rains to much of California Friday through the middle of next week.”

Ya heard, holiday shoppers?

“The first plume of subtropical moisture will bring periods of rain beginning late tonight [Thursday] and continuing through Sunday,” states the NWS.

For real. But you know, we like the diversity. People were actually getting their tan-on last weekend. And now the rain will bring a cozy, sexy vibe to SoCal. So you can check out those tan lines by candlelight as your local power lines inevitably get knocked out.

And whoever says retarded things like it doesn't rain in Southern California and we don't get weather in L.A. should be thrown off the steep bluffs of Pt. Fermin.

We've heard some intelligent people say that this is a desert, too. They also need to take a long walk off a short Venice Pier.

Anybody who's watched the ocean for five minutes in Southern California knows we get amazing weather that changes by the hour, from onshore to offshore flows, from fog to dry heat, from Pineapple Express rains in the winter to thunderstorms that sneak up through Baja and the Imperial Valley in summer.

Open your eyes on Friday. See that? Weather. And not the desert kind, either.

LA Weekly