Self-confessed serial con artist at-large Bobbi Ann Finley is accused of marrying dozens of military men, stealing their savings, and disappearing. Military and law enforcement agencies in at least half a dozen states including California have warrants out for her.

According to the Daily Mail, Finley finds her prey, men due to be deployed overseas, near U.S. military bases. She tells them that she is the daughter of a Marine Corps general who is owed a large inheritance that can only be claimed if she is married, and when she gets her wedding ring she soon allegedly takes off with cash and plastic. News reports indicate that Finley has allegedly carried out the same scheme across the nation, including in Southern California, for nearly two decades.

Jacob Anderson, a victim and a Marine based in Southern California met Finley on a Amtrack train to San Diego in 1993. He called Finley “smart, charming, beautiful witty and a very convincing liar,” according to ABC7.

“She made me believe she was the woman of my dreams,” he said.

Finley allegedly steals the money of her victims after they depart for deployment, maxing out their credit cards and cleaning out their homes. She is believed to have nine children, many of which who have never met their father.

“She's terrible,” Finley's mother, Sue Wolf, told ABC 7. “She needs to be locked up. I've said that for years. She needs to be in a mental institution as far as I'm concerned.”

Finley, who called a Seattle-based Fox news affiliate in May, said she is going to own up to her mistakes and that she plans on getting in touch with an Army investigator.

Though she did not deny some of the accusations, she blamed her abusive childhood and her mother's string of boyfriends for her tendency towards failed relationships, according to the Seattle report.

“I grew up very poor and sheltered so if someone offers me something, I'm not going to turn it down,” she said. “I want people to know I'm not a monster. I never sought these guys out because they were military. It happened and I can't take that back. If I could change that, I would.”

Finley was last seen in Washington state in July of 2009.

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