Authorities say a serial arsonist on the loose in North Hollywood set as many as 18 fires in the “Lankershim corridor” since early Thursday, including 14 early Saturday and Sunday.

Luckily no one was injured, and most of the blazes seem to have involved cars parked under apartments or condos.

But at least a couple residential units have been damaged, and several vehicles have been destroyed. The LAPD and arson investigators seem to be on high alert in NoHo.

The fires were reported between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Lankershim, Vanowen Street and Burbank Boulevard. City fire dispatch supervisor Capt. Rick McClure says they usually start about 3 a.m.

Saturday's fires included, according to CIty News Service:

-3:15 a.m: An RV near the corner of Lankershim and Vose Street about 3:15 a.m.

-4:27 a.m. (the “knockdown” time): Three cars and a unit at a two-story apartment building at 11847 W. Victory Blvd.

Sunday's fires included:

-2:51 a.m: Several vehicles at a four-story condo complex at 11501 Hatteras St.

-3:05 a.m: A one-unit blaze at a three-story apartment building at 5935 Lemp Ave.

-3:19 a.m: An apartment building at 11527 Hatteras.

-3:56 a.m: Another RV near the corner of Lankershim Boulevard and Vose Street.

-4:12 a.m. and 4:14 a.m: Two cars, one at Radford Avenue and Vose Street and another at Radford and Valerio Street.

-4:16 a.m: A car at 7240 Hinds Ave.

-4:17 a.m. A car outside 7440 Radford Ave.

-4:21 a.m: A vehicle at 7433 Radford Ave and an RV on Hart Street.

-4:22 a.m: A structure at 7324 Radford Ave.

One witness told Fox 11 News a fire went off “like a bomb.” Another wit said he called 911, then “20 minutes later we see another fire around the corner.”

LAPD North Hollywood Sgt. Glenn McNeil says, “He seems to be starting one fire then moving down the street and starting another and another.”

The arson fires are so shocking that the Los Angeles Fire Department has called in off-duty investigators to lend a hand, according to the department. Patrols on the ground and via helicopter have also been beefed up in NoHo.

McNeil says there's no suspect or car description to go on “so far.”

Anyone with information about the blazes was asked to call the LAFD at 213-485-6095.

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