September is National Hunger Action Month, a nationwide effort to engage the public in fighting hunger in America . For those interested, the LA Regional Food Bank has set up a Virtual Food Drive especially for Squid Ink readers, and for every dollar donated the Foodbank can purchase $5 worth of food, or four meals. One cup of coffee on the way to work equals between 8-12 meals.

The St. Francis Center has seen a dramatic rise in the number of people who don't have enough food, and in fact, served more people through July of this year, than they did in all of 2008.  St. Francis fills re-usable grocery bags with items like frozen chicken, bread, canned goods, dry goods, and as much fresh produce as they can.

Visit LA Foodbank's site at to find out more, visit the St. Francis Center site at and click on “How to Help.” Or donate to the Squid Ink Virtual Food Drive.

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