Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why doesn't anybody go to my website?

Perhaps it's because there is nothing on there worth seeing. After all, if there was something really cool on your site then people would have already found it, right?

[Awkward silence]

But all hope is not lost. There are some tried and true tricks you can do to enlarge your e-peen, and pimp your Web presence.

Search on Google for what you think your site is about (ponies, for example). Can you find yourself? No? Then you've got some work to do.

First ask yourself, is your content worth anything?

Use keywords. Keyword search tools like Google Adwords are really useful in order to make sure people are looking for what your content is about.

Note: This might take some reverse engineering and common sense, but by choosing the words that relate to your subject (horses, riding, Ryan Budke) and using them in the title of your post and first paragraph you'll up the chances that the search engines will bite.

Does anyone else know about you?

The Internet is just like high school, the more friends you have, the more chances you have of boning the hot chick (which, in this case, is the first slot on Google).

One thing that's really helpful, as local SEO ninja Sean Pervical put it, is to “build a huge ass following.”

A good way to build inbound links to other (preferably larger) pony sites is to tell anyone and everyone about your site through social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, plus news communities like Digg, Stumbleupon, and Kirtsy (if your site is about girl ponies).

Word of caution: many of those communities (eh hem, Digg) have their own netiquette — one man's spam is another man's treasure.

Also: Try to give people a break from your brand evangelizing, if all you talk to your friends about is your pony website, then eventually you'll lose your friends.

There's a lot of ways to measure how effective these basics are, and a lot of SEO “easter eggs” you will discover along the way. Get in there and play around, it's not like you're going to break the Internet.

Great SEO blogs: www.brentcsutoras.com, www.10e20.com/blog and www.mattcutts.com

SEO for n00bs resources: www.seobook.com , www.searchengineland.com, www.seomoz.org , www.sphinn.com , as well as the SEO alltop.com

Special thanks to Social Media Club LA and SEO specialists Tony Adam, Sean Percival, Jeff Henderson and Barbara Boser for the useful tips.

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