SEO Marketplace Legiit Changes the Game With SEO Software Suite

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If you’re an individual, a business, or an agency looking to outsource or buy SEO services, you may have come across Legiit, one of the trusted SEO marketplaces on the internet.

The Legiit Online Marketplace connects businesses and individuals with reliable SEO service providers. Every Legiit customer has access to professional freelancers who offer services that have helped global brands improve their rankings in Google search results.

Interestingly, Legiit is evolving. What used to be an SEO marketplace site is now expanding into a full platform with integrated software tools. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the new software integration, like the Get More Stuff Done Dashboard into the Legiit Marketplace.

The Origins of Legiit as an SEO Marketplace for Businesses

Legiit was founded in 2018 by Chris M. Walker. Although Chris was a top seller on another freelance marketplace, he started Legiit to build something better when his former freelance marketplace folded operations.

Initially designed for other SEO freelancers to offer services to small businesses looking to improve their rankings on search engines, Legiit has expanded its offerings over the years to include other high-quality services such as content writing, graphic designing, software programming, ecommerce SEO, digital marketing consulting, as well as a course section on training people who want to learn how to set up an SEO agency.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration and excellence, Legiit provides a transparent and efficient way for businesses to find the right SEO services that align with their objectives while also enabling SEO experts to showcase their skills and expand their client base.

Recently, Legiit became more than just an SEO marketplace for businesses. It expanded into a full platform, launching a built-in SEO interface with its Get More Stuff Done dashboard.

This innovation is a game changer that will help businesses improve their SEO strategies and boost their rankings.

Expanding the Horizons of SEO Marketplace: The Legiit Get More Stuff Done Dashboard

The Legiit platform’s core element is its comprehensive dashboard that offers businesses the tools to manage, expand, and elevate their operations efficiently.

With the Legiit dashboard, business owners can stay in control, keep track of their business, and achieve their desired growth.

Legiit Get More Stuff Done dashboard does what it says: it allows you to get more stuff done – and excellently too. The Get More Stuff Done dashboard is a powerful tool that offers the following key features:

Access to Performance Snapshot

The Legiit Get More Stuff Done Dashboard utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate the Legiit score, offering businesses a high-level snapshot of their online and digital marketing performance.

Businesses can refine their SEO strategies by hiring freelancers on the platform or using the Legiit Dashboard’s comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their ranking, receiving an automated weekly overall picture from the score.

Measurement and Improvement of Page Speed

The Legiit Get More Stuff Done Dashboard aids in measuring and improving page speed by conducting daily site speed checks, providing solutions to any issues, or referring vendors for fixing.

Additionally, it performs real-time monitoring and sends instant alerts if any website issues arise.

Quick Analysis

To rank high in SERPs and enhance visibility, having a great website is just the first step.

With the dashboard’s built-in On-Page SEO Audit tool, businesses can quickly analyze what works and replicate successful strategies on their site effortlessly.

Monitor Keyword Rankings

Keyword research is essential to acquiring organic traffic for your business. Most business owners want online visibility and want to stay on top of search engine results. One way seo professionals track their position in the SERPS is by using expensive seo tools.

The Get More Stuff Done dashboard allows businesses to monitor keyword rankings without these expensive rank-tracking tools. It also offers AI-based recommendations to boost rankings.

Built-in Uptime Monitor

You no longer need an Uptime Robot integration with Legiit. The Legiit Get More Stuff Done dashboard monitors your website in real-time. So if something happens to your website, you’ll get a notification immediately.

Get AI Based Recommendations

The Legiit Get More Stuff Done dashboard gives you detailed information of what is working and not working in your business, but that’s not all.

Legiit also uses a 5+ years of accumulated data to generate AI-based recommendations for improvements based on goals and audiences to help your business reach the top of its industry.

Seamless Integration with GA4

The Legiit Get More Stuff Done Dashboard seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics 4, providing businesses with convenient access to analytics and SEO management.

Legiit Plus and Agency Plan users can utilize the dashboard to enhance their sites and client sites, generating White Label reports to track weekly progress.

Legiit Get More Stuff Done (GSMD) at a Glance

– Access to performance snapshot

– Measurement and improvement of page speed

– Monitor keyword ranking

– Quick analysis

– Built-in uptime monitor

– Backlink data provision

– AI-based recommendations for improvements based on goals and progress

– Seamless integration with Google Analytics (GA4)

– Overall weekly score assessment for your site

Should You Use the Legiit Platform?

Some think Legiit is just a marketplace website to get high quality backlinks.

But if you’re looking for a platform to help transform your SEO strategy, Legiit is the only platform you would need. With all the tools and integrations offered by the Get more stuff done dashboard, coupled with the services of expert SEO professionals, your business is set to take over your verticals.

The free plan already offers you some benefits of the Get More Stuff Done integrations. But if you want to maximize the platform offerings, you should consider upgrading to Legiit Plus plans.

Discover the power of Legiit’s get More Stuff Done. Level up your online presence, stay ahead, minimize your SEO efforts, and boost your SEO performance.

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