Sentry Living Solutions: How This Growing Human Services Brand Is Paving the Way for Individuals with Disabilities

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For many disabled individuals, the ultimate goal is achieving independence. However, each person’s definition of independence varies. For some, this can mean getting daily assistance to complete tasks and handle responsibilities; for others, it can mean learning the proper skills to live independently. Regardless of the level of care and support an individual requires, Sentry Living Solutions can provide it.

Founded five years ago by Carlos Cienfuegos, Oakland-based Sentry Living Solutions has grown into a successful human services brand that offers care, counseling, and support to those with intellectual disabilities and their families. The company strives to advance clients’ independence, productivity, and confidence within the community by providing one-on-one attention.

“We listen to our clients and thoughtfully apply technology to educate and empower them,” says Cienfuegos. “Our competent and experienced team is ready to meet each individual’s needs.”

Sentry Living Solutions provides various services, including Independent Living Services (ILS). When it comes to ILS, the goal is simple: To help clients reach the full and independent life of their dreams.

“In ILS (Independent Living Services), we provide educational services and teach life skills. The goal is to help individuals achieve a level of independence from their family and support system,” Cienfuegos explains. “Some achieve this level of independence, and we end up working ourselves out of the job as they become busy with work or school.”

Working one-on-one with a service provider, a person develops the skills to live successfully in their home. This may include anything from finding suitable housing and choosing appropriate roommates to meal preparation and handling emergencies. The goal with ILS is for the client to learn these skills and eventually decrease the amount of training and assistance over time.

However, others continue to need support throughout their lives. Some may transition to Supported Living Services (SLS), where they live in their own homes, and Sentry Living Solutions provides 24/7 care with personal caregivers. The goal is to help clients live happy and healthy lives in their homes and communities, offering them the necessary support in decision-making and life choices consistent with their goals.

“For example, individuals with cerebral palsy, as they age, motor skills become more challenging, so we have to be more hands-on, assisting with feeding, medications, and other caregiving tasks,” says Cienfuegos. “We operate at the intersection of human services and healthcare.”

With plans to expand their services, Cienfuegos explains that Sentry Living Solutions recently purchased a home with the idea that people in supported living services, instead of being homeless, could use it as a transitional space while they find a more permanent place. As the company grows, Cienfuegos plans to purchase another building to provide short-term housing.

As an entrepreneur, Cienfuegos used his experience as a program coordinator for an organization serving adults with developmental disabilities as inspiration for Sentry Living Solutions’ development and growth. While he has recently taken a more “behind-the-scenes” role, he’s built an impressive team of program directors and supervisors that he trusts to handle day-to-day operations.

“As the business grows and continually improves, things are evolving and shifting towards implementing structure, policies, and procedures. I spent a year writing our employee handbook to ensure the highest quality of care,” Cienfuegos explains. “Although I’m no longer hands-on with clients, I remain connected to cases and clients.”

Sentry Living Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality care to its clients with its holistic approach and one-on-one services tailored to the individual’s unique needs. As the company continues to grow and expand, more and more clients will be able to benefit from their services and ultimately reach their full potential.

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