As most of you probably know, New York State Attorney Andrew Cuomo is running for Governor of New York. But according to the New York Daily News, his biggest supporter may well be his girlfriend, Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade Cooking. The L.A. native is something of a punchline in most serious food circles (we like to joke that her recipe for guacamole involves opening a package of guacamole, putting it in a bowl, then garnishing it with tortilla chips), but she is, undeniably, a very successful woman.

With a television show and a fleet of cookbooks, Sandra Lee is an oddly powerful tool in a political campaign, and has maintained that she will “do whatever Andrew needs… anything he asks. We're partners that way. Any role I may or may not have, it's going to be up to him. You just support that. It's his world. I just want to be a good partner to him in it.” No word yet, though, on whether her advice to him during the coming months will involve taking someone else's gubernatorial campaign, then simply folding in a few fresh ideas to save time.

We will say this though: Sandra Lee makes an easy target. For example, read this blog post by Anthony Bourdain about a chance meeting with Lee and Cuomo at a Julie and Julia premiere party, in which he wrote “I learned that were a nuclear weapon to fall on New York, I'm pretty sure that if no one else, Sandra Lee would survive to clamber out of the rubble. That if it came down to a fight over the last can of food, she would surely emerge the victor.” He has also spoken at length, and with great horror, about this video of Sandra Lee making a Kwanza cake. But to be fair, Michael Ruhlman does offer a compelling counter argument to why she is “not evil incarnate.” Nonetheless, I think we're all curious to see what a tablescape looks like in the governor's mansion.

LA Weekly