Following news this week that mega-blogger and candidate for U.S. Senate Mickey Kaus was turned down for speaker's slot at the state Democratic convention in Los Angeles next week, self-styled Hollywood producer Brian Quintana is now angling for just such a slot.

Good luck. The fellow candidate for Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, perhaps best known for suing Hollywood notables like producer Jon Peters, is even a longer shot than Kaus. In turning Kaus down, the Dems used Kaus' own words against him after he admitted he wasn't a serious candidate but wanted to highlight the party's wicked, pro-union, pro-illegal-immigrant ways.

While Kaus now says he is serious about beating incumbent Barbara Boxer, Quintana sounds little unbelievable when he says he's got 38 percent support for the job in one poll. And he has been quick to pull the ethnic card:

“If elected I would be the first Latino and first Angelino elected to the Unites States Senate from California in over 100 years,” Quintana writes in his speaking-request letter to the Dems.

LA Weekly