Seeing in Avision: New York DJ and producer Avision got started DJing at the age of 12, and producing right around the same time.

“I DJ’d for a month, then I told my Dad (who knew how to produce) that I wanted to start making my own remixes with him,” he says. “I started off making remixes of pop music initially. Around when I was 15, I got my first shot at playing a teen night club in New Jersey, and at 18 it started to get serious and I began releasing my own music.  I also started to play at adult clubs at this time as well, playing 1-2 times a week at everywhere from Pacha NYC down to the Jersey Shore.”

Today, he’s describes his sound as deep, groovy, jacking, fun, NYC – flavoured techno and house. 

“Everything I’ve been releasing under the name Avision for the last 6 years has been this style,” he says.

Avision believes electronic music is in a good place based on how many people are coming to shows and festivals.

“It’s grown a lot over the last 10 years in the States,” he says. “With social media and everything, it’s become a lot more accessible for people to start producing and DJ’ing, but at the same time it’s also made things lose focus a bit on the actual craft of what we do. I’ve been involved in electronic music for 15 years, and it’s nice to see the opportunities for people to make a career in this. It’s interesting to see the pop crossovers this year with huge global artists dipping into the genre. That can lead to new people discovering it, and those artists discovering other producers, etc.”

The artist has plenty of new music in the pipeline.

“I have a remix for Miss Kittin & Nicolas Massayef coming on Marc Romboy’s label Systematic on October 28th, a remix of a Madben track from his upcoming album on Ellum on November 4th, a track on Drumcode coming up shortly, and I have several EP’s coming out starting in the new year,” he says.

Looking ahead, Avision has a lot planned for the rest of the year.

“I’ve just started the biggest tour of my career, and that will take me to the end of the year,” he says. “There’s a lot of firsts with my debuts coming up in Berlin, Paris, Colombia and Argentina.  I’ll be at Seismic Dance Event in Austin and Art of the Wild in Vegas next month (November). I launched my own brand called Ground Rule earlier this year with a couple of events in NYC.  The brand will encompass everything I’m into creatively – music, art, clothing, events & more – with the next event and clothing drop coming at the start of next year.”

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