Vegan, macrobiotic and bistro are not words you often see in the same sentence, but chef Eric Lechasseur is poised to make that happen when he opens Seed Bistro later this month.

Lechasseur is the chef and owner at Seed Kitchen, a more casual macro/vegan spot in Venice. Seed Bistro will be similar, but a more upscale dining experience.

More intimate as well, as the restaurant will have only 40 seats. It will also feature a Chef's Table, a “sushi bar-esque,” 6-person hi-bar at which that night's four to seven course menu will be served only to those guests.

If that's not exclusive enough for you, one day per week, Lechasseur plans to execute The Farmer's Market Chef's Table, a menu said to be “determined entirely at the whim of the chef and the momentary bounty of the market.”

For the regular diners, the dinner menu will include small plates such as pates, olives, vegetarian sushi, salads and likely the chef's signature “Faux Gras,” along with entrées such as Paella, Flageolet cassoulet, and squash risotto.

Seed Bistro is slated to open at the end of August.

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