Still recovering from Paper mag's slew of events last week at Acme gallery, though I missed the Saturday night fevah of Los Super Elegantes (which I hear was one raging fiesta) and Sunday's super exclusive “last supper” gathering featuring grub from Fatburger. Damn, I love those big ol' greasy things, especially late at night after a booze binge.

Fridays Paper event was called “Sabbath Showdown” but thanks to a hangover and a hungry hubby I didn't stay too long. Looking back on the week though, the thing I loved most about the LA Paper Project was the mixture of peeps and treats, typified by the lovely Layla (the gal on the right in the pic below) and her pink Hearts Challenger ice cream truck, which as cheesy as it sounds, is all about sharing yumminess and love. Funny how it took a New York magazine to remind us Angelenos what a fabulousy freaky, and yes friendly, town we live in, huh?

Speaking of which, remember Bobby Trendy? (pic, right) Okay maybe he aint that friendly, at least to Anna Nicole, but he is flamboyant and was happy to mug for me at Paper's arty party. I'd be his hag, if I didnt already have too many gay boyfriends.

Anyhow, Saturday I did my Double Elle deejay thang at a private soiree and Sunday, it was the Smashing Grandpa sample sale (at which I bought everybody tees that say “I Shagged the Guitar Player” …just kidding girlfriends, but that was a hot seller).

That night I got merry at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Xmas show (or should I be PC and call it “Holiday” show?) and though there was a mix-up with my VIP wristband, I ended up working it backstage anyhow with the help of my pal John Roecker, who's like the funniest, wittiest dude I know and just happens to be buds with every rockstar on earth. Here he is flanked by AFI's Davey Havok and Rancid's Tim Armstrong- two foxy fellas who star in his upcoming flick Live Freaky, Die Freaky about Charles Manson and the apocalypse. Seriously, check out the website here

The show had its up and down moments– Jack Johnson really did an acoustic set (rare!) which was pretty groovy, though the Bravery lived-up to its name more fashion-wise than sound-wise (singer Sam Endicott had on an argyle sweater, leaving us to wonder what happened to his neo-wave goth look).

The White Stripes rocked their red socks off and Depeche Mode were simply fucking amazing.  Dave Gahan is still my own personal Jesus (see pic below) while Martin Gore -in a black leather skirt, black (Dior?) mohawk knit hat, black wings and eyeliner galore- hasn't lost the meloncholy mojo.

Their set made me kick myself for missing the band's recent Staples gigs. If ya havent noticed by now, when it comes to the raging rock shows and frenzied fetes, I just can't get enough.

If you cant get enough either, check this week's Nightranger, with more scoop on Paper, Paul Smith's store opening, the New York Dolls new rock doc and Sweethearts of the Rodeo.

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