Read our update about how the victim has threatened to sue Forever 21.

The latest in what seems like a string of videos capturing security guards behaving badly hit the internet this week: This edition (after the jump) has a guard pretending to be a UFC fighter and choking out a deaf man as his also-deaf friend tries desperately to alert the meathead that his pal can't hear and didn't, apparently, do anything wrong.

That's according to accounts at YouTube, Fox 11 News (on air) and Blogging.la. The incident went down this week outside the Forever 21 clothing store at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood.

(Is it our imagination, or is that area a vortex of people getting their asses kicked as video rolls?).

The security guard apparently chased the deaf man — who looks, on tape at least, a little like comedic actor Zach Galifianakis — after it was alleged he shoplifted at the store and failed to stop when the store's security system alerted, according to reports. The man's friend, however, reportedly produced receipts for the goods.

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