The U.S. Secret Service got serviced by prostitutes ahead of President Obama's visit to Columbia last month, it is alleged.

And much has been said about how this happened on Obama's watch. It's positively Clintonian, if you ask some in the Republican party. What's with these horny Democratic administrations? This appears to have inspired at least some congressional leaders to try to prove that, no, this isn't just an Obama problem.

Well, here's the proof, people:

It seems that Secret Service agents way back in President Nixon's time enjoyed the company of strangers — right here in Southern California's own backyard.

A reader of Kansas City Star columnist Steve Kraske notes that the book The Boys on The Bus documents just such an alleged rendezvous way back in 1972.

That was when Nixon — a Republican among Republicans, the man who invented the War on Drugs, the candidate the Los Angeles Times built — was campaigning for reelection.

On page 209 of the reader's own copy, the book notes that one reporter knew when Nixon was coming home to the so-called Western White House (a.k.a. La Casa Pacifica), his seaside retreat in San Clemente.

Casa Pacifica.

Casa Pacifica.

How? According to the book, the journalist …

… cultivated a clerk at a San Clemente motel who called him whenever the whores came from Vegas in anticipation of the arrival of the Secret Service.

That would make this an American tradition.

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