Seb Wildblood Can’t be Tamed: British artist Seb Wildblood started DJing around 2011, with producing following soon afterwards. Around 2015/16, he started to see music as a viable career path. He recently relocated to L.A. from London, and he says that the transition has gone well.

“The plan was to move a couple of years back but with everything that has been happening in the world that wasn’t possible,” he says. “I eventually had a window of opportunity in February so decided to take the plunge. Creatively I’ve felt a little stagnant over the last couple of years so the move feels like a chance to wipe the palette clean. Lifestyle wise, I find being as active as possible really helps my mental and creative state and L.A. definitely lends itself to that.”

“In fact, only a couple of weeks ago I was out for a run, got home at around 10 p.m. feeling totally invigorated and ended up writing a track from start to finish,” he adds. “It’s weird. I also love how being in a new city makes you think more re simple day to day stuff — in London I got to the point where I was on autopilot, here it’s like, I get in the car and I’m thinking, wait, where do I need to go? How do I get there? What do I need to do to achieve that? I’m enjoying being switched on again and I needed a life change to make that happen.”

Wildblood’s new single is “MDS,” taken from the EP of the same name, and it sees him collaborating with rapper Theophilus London.

“So this is a bit of a curveball in terms of my general output, I don’t want to make things too predictable,” he says. “The instrumental is heavily influenced by a lot of the music I was listening to back when I first got into DJ’ing. It’s UK bass leaning, with the two-step beat & garage’y shuffle, but then for me, the vox pivot it into a world of its own. Working with Theo was great, he’s someone I’ve admired from afar for some time now, so when the opportunity arose to work on a project together I jumped at it, he’s worked with some of the best producers/musicians about so being in that company is pretty affirming.”

The artist says that his style of music is constantly changing and he wears different hats when approaching music.

“For example, over the last few years, I made a conscious effort to have my EP’s represent what I’m playing out as a DJ and to counter that my last album ’sketches of transition’ was more live orientated and included nothing I’d be particularly interested in hearing in a club,” he says. “This being said, my next album is on a totally different tip.”

So what does he have planned foe the future?

“In the very near future, I have some US dates planned in New York, Washington, L.A., Vancouver, San Francisco, and a couple more TBA,” he says. “Other than that, I have an album in the works for next year and a bunch of releases coming up on my label ‘all my thoughts’.”

Seb Wildblood Can’t be Tamed: The “MDS” single and EP of the same name is out October 1.

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