PETA has been going after SeaWorld San Diego in recent days for what it alleges is inhumane confinement that led to a huge chunk of flesh being bitten out of orca Nakai.

According to the group Nakai and two other killer whales got into it as a result of being incompatible and confined to a relatively small area.

According to the group:

Dr. Ingrid N. Visser, founder of the Orca Research Trust, confirmed that Nakai's injury was the result of “an altercation between the orcas.”

PETA today is spinning the “gruesome” whale fight and injury as a result of “confinement:”

Credit: SeaWorld

Credit: SeaWorld

This evidence strongly suggests that Nakai's wound was indeed caused by a bite resulting from incompatible confinement rather than contacting with the side of the pool, as SeaWorld has alleged.

The group says it has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture claiming that SeaWorld is violating the Animal Welfare Act vis-a-vis this alleged “confinement.”

We reached out to SeaWorld for its side of things but had yet to hear back.

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