So, like Zardoz in reverse, fully-dressed Sean Connery spent the '70s going commando. Meanwhile, Sammy Davis, Jr., collected pornography, and Diane Keaton admitted an oral fixation! Click on through to our Style Council blog to learn all of this and more in this week's Studies in Crap post. Today's find: a 1977 issue of Rona Barrett's Gossip Super Special studded with inconsequential wonders like:

Sylvester Stallone: “I tried my father's hairdressing trade but went absolutely nutso during pincurl lessons.”


“Just in case you've ever wondered what Hugh Hefner does when he wants to really let go and have a grand old time, I'll tell you – he goes bowling!”

You see, long before the advent of TMZ Access Hollywood we could get months out of the most meager of famous-person bullshit. A copy of Rona Barrett's Gossip Super Special could last an organized family a full season. But you, lucky reader of the online age, have the chance to feast on it all in one blog-post burst!

Click on through to Studies in Crap for a season's worth of trash!

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