Scream Queen and Songstress Diane Foster Smashes Genre Barriers

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Move over fluffy bunnies and pastel eggs. This Easter, a monstrous new tradition came to town with the arrival of “Easter Bloody Easter,” a horror comedy currently streaming on Apple TV, Amazon, and all VOD platforms and is also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Behind a bloodthirsty Jackalope and laugh-out-loud moments in a small Texas town lies the passionate vision of filmmaker Diane Foster, who not only directs, but also stars in, produces, and sings in this genre-bending gem. recently called Foster “the most underrated Scream Queen.” And Foster’s new film is receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

The film recently held its World Premiere at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles, a site famed for its midnight showings of “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

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A force in the entertainment industry, Foster has always marched to the beat of her own drum. This is evident in her diverse filmography, which includes the Tribeca Film Festival selection “IOWA” to the cult classic horror “The Orphan Killer.”

Her newest venture, “Easter Bloody Easter” feels uniquely personal—a project she has nurtured for years.

“I’ve always loved horror movies and quirky comedies,” Foster shares. “Blending those genres in a way that feels fresh and unexpected has been my dream.”

The film follows “Jeanie” (played by Foster), a Texas housewife whose Easter celebration takes a bloody turn when a mythical Jackalope emerges, terrorizing her small town. But beneath the laughs and screams lies a deeper message – one that celebrates female empowerment and the power of collaboration.

“This film is more than just a horror comedy,” Foster emphasizes. “It’s about a woman taking charge, fighting for what she believes in, and finding strength in unexpected places.”

The project started as a play by Foster and two friends: Allison Lobel (writer/co-star) and Kelly Grant (producer/co-star).

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of WallyBird Productions / Jesse Grant, Getty Images

This strength is evident not only in Foster’s character but also in the film’s impressive crew, a remarkable 95% of whom are female-identifying. This dedication to gender parity earned “Easter Bloody Easter” the prestigious ReFrame Stamp from Women in Film, a recognition Foster wears with pride.

“Creating a space where diverse voices are heard and empowered is crucial to me,” she states. “I’m incredibly grateful for the talented women who have brought this vision to life, both on-screen and behind the scenes and is everything we stand for at WallyBird Productions.”

The female force behind the film extends beyond the director’s chair.  Writer/Co-Star Allison Lobel, brings her comedic timing as “MaryLou” and her sharp writing skills to the table. Producer/Co-Star Kelly Grant, plays the pivotal role of Jeanie’s best friend “Carol” and adds her infectious energy to the mix. Zuri Starks, with her undeniable presence plays “Megan,” a professional bunny slayer, Alexa Cha, the film’s impressive cinematographer, captures both the humor and horror with her fresh visuals, and Foster’s own talented sister, Nancy Foster, serves as Editor giving the film the exact pacing it needed to charm audiences.

“We may have a monstrous Jackalope in the film,” Foster chuckles, “but the real heart of ‘Easter Bloody Easter’ lies in the powerful women who made it possible.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of WallyBird Productions / Jesse Grant, Getty Images

Beyond the female-driven narrative, the film boasts a monster destined to become a horror icon – the Jackalope. This terrifying yet hilarious creature, meticulously crafted in Foster’s vision of an oversized Bunny Deer, was made by special effects team Alexandra Bayless (daughter of Emmy award-winning makeup artist William Bayless), Ashley Stansbury, Lydia Morales and Nick Reisinger.

The Monster promises to leave audiences both spooked and amused.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of WallyBird Productions / Jesse Grant, Getty Images

The iconic demon bunnies were created by Jesse Velez of Raptor House FX, who is known for creating the infamous “Hand” from Netflix’s Wednesday.

The classic sound design for “Easter Bloody Easter” was created by 5-time Emmy awardwinningsound designer, Paca Thomas.

Adding to the film’s unique charm is a catchy soundtrack, available on Apple Music & Spotify, composed by award-winning BMI Composer Mark Vogel. Featuring over 75 original music pieces, including 10 full songs, the soundtrack is a sing-along sensation, reminiscent of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and available as a collector’s edition vinyl.

A new slinky rabbit hopped in town with a highlight of the soundtrack, the addictive and sultry hit, “Honey Bunny,” performed by Foster. The re-mix of the song just dropped on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, and is currently making its rounds on the LA club scene.

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“Easter Bloody Easter” is more than just a film; it’s a passion project brought to life by a dynamic visionary and a team of talented artists. It’s a testament to the power of female creativity, a hilarious and horrifying treat waiting to be devoured, and the start of a new Easter tradition – one filled with screams, laughter, song & dance, and a very healthy dose of girl power.

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