There's a theory that you can tell if a movie's any good by watching the first five minutes. Cinefamily has this theory, anyway. They call it “The Five Minutes Game.” So for this year's Labor Day holiday, Cinefamily invites the short-attention-spanned of L.A. to gather at the Silent Movie Theatre and watch the first five minutes of 15 oddball movies, then vote on which one they want to see in its entirety. Mind you, these are films not available on DVD — nearly lost to the ages, and often for good reason — yet somehow procured on VHS by the intrepid spelunkers at Cinefamily. A self-produced documentary short on the hows and whys of Cinefamily's hunt for rare cinema precedes the game, and a patio barbecue follows the screening.

Mon., Sept. 7, 6 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly