Thankfully for us, Scott Aukerman's still at it every Tuesday putting on Comedy Bang Bang, the best night of stand-up comedy in the land all the live-long day. He also hosts Comedy Bang Bang Radio (

LAW: What are some highlights of Comedy Bang Bang?

Zach Galifianakis doing a live “Between Two Ferns” episode onstage with Ben Stiller. Paul F. Tompkins, Jimmy Pardo and Graham Elwood switching clothes during a show and then impersonating each other. Having the cast of Funny People test out their stand-up while they were prepping that movie. Paul Rudd telling a very offensive joke that cannot be repeated here or anywhere. Making the audience go through a haunted-house maze just to get into our Halloween shows. And doing our special election night show, where the entire audience watched Obama's victory speech live on the big screen. I'll never forget that night.

Name your dream guests?

I would love to get either Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld, because they are the two most famous comedians who are still incredible to see live. Brian Regan is someone I've tried to get for a while, but it's never worked out. We've had a few of them separately, but all of the Kids in the Hall together would be amazing. Maybe a supergroup made up of members of Monty Python, Mr. Show and the Bert Fershners? “THE BERT SHOW-THONS.”

How long do you see yourself doing CDR?

As long as I can. When on my deathbed, I expect my last words to be, “Give Aziz Ansari the light at 15 minutes.”

What type of comics would you never book? Feel free to name names.

Dead ones. Sorry Richard Pryor, Johnny Carson, and Mel Brooks. You were all great in your time, but now I have no use for you. Wait, I'm being told Mel Brooks is still alive at press time. Okay, Mel, you're welcome at Comedy Death-Ray. FOR NOW.

Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m., 2008

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