We received nearly 100 comments based on the story of 19-year-old Daniel Montalvo, a teen raised inside the Church of Scientology who appeared to have run away from the organization only to be talked back for questioning and an arrest.

Some pro-Scientology commenters called the Weekly biased, while others questioned whether the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was used in what they said looked like a church conspiracy to punish Montalvo for leaving.

But Johnny Goodboy, our commenter du jour, really stood out. He says we're all going to hell, or whatever the Scientology version of that is, if we don't bow to his church:

These enemies of Scientology have the blackest future imaginable.

Someday Scientology will be the law of the land.

L. Ron Hubbard will be recognized by all the other religions as the true savior.

You will the beg to be allowed to join.

And we will think about it, but probably not.

Goodboy sounds a little like the nerd who didn't get to hang out with the cool kids in high school. Yeah, yeah: We'll all suffer when you grow up and make millions on software, technology and websites.

Wait, that actually did happen.

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