Most of you probably don't think men should necessarily be the dominant person in hetero relationships; most of you, probably, are on board with the ladies taking control when it comes to sex.

And glad we are for all of that. But even in this day and age, there might be some stragglers among you who are clinging desperately to the notion of traditional gender roles. Men should be the hunters, the pursuers, the aggressors, you secretly (or not so secretly) think.

Should you find yourself among that group, allow us to direct your attention to science…

A study published in the September edition of the journal Sex Roles found that when traditional gender roles are reversed in the bedroom, it results in better sex, and it increases the likelihood that the couple in question will use protection.

The research was conducted by experts at Yale. Study leaders asked 357 women and 126 men between the ages of 18 and 29 a series of questions about their interactions with their lovers, like: “As of right now, how certain or uncertain do you feel about being able to discuss using condoms and/or other contraceptives with a potential partner?”

On their way out of the room, they were offered up some free female condoms.

What they found was that the more strongly participants felt that men should be in charge in the bedroom, the less likely they were to report feeling confident asserting themselves in the bedroom, and the less likely they were to take the condoms on the way out.

In other words, they were more reserved and less protected.

Based on these findings, researchers speculated that being in control of yourself and the situation plays a big role in sexual satisfaction:

These findings suggest that beliefs about power may play a key role in both women's and men's attitudes about sexual behavior and potentially their decisions to protect themselves during sexual activity.

So! We're always in support of women taking the lead. But the fact that science can now support the notion that when we ladies sack up and take charge, we actually get better at sex — well, that should be a message to all of us vagina-havers that we shouldn't be afraid of harnessing our carnal desires and loosing them upon the world (or, just upon our lovers).

Ladies, let your freak flag fly.

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