CBS 2 reporter Dave Bryan won't let former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger live down his last-minute sentence reduction for the manslaughtering son of a powerful state Democratic leader.

And so he dogged the Governator today, asking him, Why? The gov wasn't having it, saying “Don't ask me the same question again, 'cause otherwise you're boring the hell out of me.”

And then he made the sound heard around L.A:

Schwarzenegger made a snoring sound.

This for a case involving a young man Luis Santos, who was stabbed to death in 2008 after the son of former state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez — Esteban Nunez — and his friends allegedly confronted the victim at San Diego State University in a beer-fueled attack.

Nunez received a 16-year sentence for the violence but, as one of his last acts, Schwarzenegger cut that down to 7.

Santos' family is suing the state over the sentence reduction.

The John and Ken Show at KFI AM 640 has been making a big deal of the snore sound, replaying the clip for its listeners.

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