Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went out with a bang last week, turning what might have been his last lazy Sunday in office into a flex of very un-girly political muscle — heard 'round California and the nation.

For one lucky “Bad Little Suburban Boy,” 22-year-old Esteban Nuñéz, Schwarzenegger's tight relationship with California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñéz, the boy's father, means 11 years off his remaining 16-year sentence. Nuñez stabbed San Diego State University student Luis Santos to death in late 2008. If only we could all have parents in the Legislature…

The commute apparently caused such an uproar that, KNX radio reports this morning, Schwarzenegger ended up sending a letter of apology to Fred Santos. But Santos says that won't stop him from suing.

“He tries to give some excuses of his actions and give an apology. We do thank him for at least writing a letter,” Santos said on air. “But we think that if there was never any outrage over his actions, we would never have received this letter.”

The worked-up father went on to say that the half-assed letter is only further confirmation that Schwarzenegger knew his gift to the Nuñéz family was not granted with justice in mind.

“This goes to show that he knew what he was doing was wrong. … and he wanted to keep it a secret so he signed an executive order,” Santos said.

He added that this will not stop him from filing a lawsuit to protest Nuñéz' early release.

“[The governor] only granted a few commutations … and there's a bunch of names in the hat for a petition for commutation,” Santos said. “It just so happened that he reached into the hat and pulled out the name Esteban Nuñez, the son of his good friend?”

Santos has not announced the details of the lawsuit.

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