If nun-sploitation isn’t your bag, Japanese cult director Norifumi Suzuki’s
School of the Holy Beast (1974) may not have much to offer. This one’s
all kinky, creepy sacrilege all the time. The film opens at a hockey match, the
first event on a one-night sampling of earthly pleasures (also including a steamy
French flick, a glittering carnival, a man) before teenage Maya (Yumi Takigawa)
checks herself in to the Sacred Heart Convent. There, shadows grow dark behind
the high gray walls, but that only makes the place’s few splashes of color — the
chapel’s red carpet, the purple flowers in the hothouse, the kaleidoscopic stained
glass — appear all the more lurid and inviting. Gradually, we learn that the adopted
Maya is on a mission to uncover the mystery of her mother’s death in the convent
years before. The film’s rhythms, though, flow less from its building of suspense
than from its heaving waves of transgression and punishment. Even without Maya’s
defiant provocations, the convent’s young nuns-in-training are hell-bent on throwing
a prolonged bachelorette party before settling down to be brides of Christ. Their
secretive smoking, drinking and (natch) lesbian affairs are met by the mother
superior with nude whippings staged for the sadistic pleasure of the older sisters
— an orgy of retribution that climaxes in a perverse precursor to American
, when a stripped-bare Maya is bound and beaten with long-stemmed roses,
red petals fluttering in slow motion before spatters of blood on pale skin. Ultimately,
it is Suzuki’s high, torrid style that sets this shocker above and beyond typical
nun-sploitation fare. Released on DVD by Cult Epics, it’s a masterpiece in a genre
short on Citizen Kanes.
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