The name of your food truck is almost as important as what's inside of it. Entire blog posts have been dedicated to the topic. There is Me So Hungry, Great Balls on Tires (currently on hiatus), The Greasy Wiener, Grill 'Em All, Nom Nom Truck and the list goes on. Here to outdo them all is Schmuck with a Truck, which rolled out in late April. “Who would of thought being a schmuck would be a good thing?” says owner Matthew Koven. The native New Yorker is focusing on more than just feeding the meter: Koven's ultimate goal is opening a brick-and-mortar deli (preferably in Beverly Hills) and expanding his catering services to the masses.

Fiddler on the Reuben; Credit: Photo Credit: Eric Hargrove

Fiddler on the Reuben; Credit: Photo Credit: Eric Hargrove

“It's a tough business,” said Koven, “but it's been great.” While in New York, Koven owned Mediterranean restaurant Pyramida Grill. But since the Los Angeles food truck scene seemed over-saturated with ethnic cuisine, he decided to go deli-style. “It's more mainstream. Something people can eat every day,” he said. Menu items include the Oy Vey Wrap, the Lean Schmuck, Bubbeleh's Brisket (our favorite) and the Schmuck Special Hooked Up Triple Decker.

Need some schmucks to lighten the mood at your next office lunch meeting or baby's bris? It might not be kosher, but the prices are. Platters range from $13.95 per person depending on the order. And, there's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with bananas and award-winning lemonade. For more information, call (310) 321-8714.

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