Seems like every hipster within a 30 mile radius was at Unique LA's shopping event this weekend at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. These were friendly, craft-loving hipsters for the most part. In case you missed it, here are some photos of stuff that was available. There was a lot of it. A lot. People were shopping like it was the end of the world.

These are Cat Balls. They have big flat tails like platypuses.

This is Stefan Bucher, drawer of monsters. He said that five monsters came out of him on Sunday. He drew the monsters for whoever brought their sketchbook to him.

Don't mess with Slayer bear! He will cut you.

Hipsters: getting younger and younger these days.

This girl had the cutest artwork for sale. Her name is Brigette B.

This is Tanya Aguiniga. She brought in some fantastic knotted necklaces and bracelets. They kinda had a whole nautical thing going.


Kauzbots. Each robot affiliated with a charitable cause–poverty, environment, autism, etc.

Itty bitty killing implements from Spragwerks. In case you need to kill someone small or perform microsurgery on the go.

I totally blogged you. Posters from The Poster List.

Fauna pillows. Is that a warthog?

The bin monster wants your money.

Millie West. She makes 1920's and 1930's inspired accessories.

Pot pillows. Ten bucks each. I ran into the Weekly's former assistant Art Director Ryan Ward and we both purchased one of these marijuana leaf plush toys. No, they are not stuffed with pot.

Girl dressed as panda.

Tees from Blood Is the New Black. They have a great name.

Lovely gal selling corsets. At least, I think that's what she was selling.

Amigurumi bears were being knitted on the spot.

Beasties! I can't remember who makes these cuties. If it's you, email me and I'll add the link. Jen Kuroki makes them. Thanks, Jen!

More from The Poster List.

The girl selling these said they were going like hotcakes. So, apparently, Los Angeles is infested with brain-eating cannibal infants.

This is what happens when eggs hatch.

But how do you stop yourself from chewing the gum?

Catnip sushi. Oh come on, like cats aren't spoiled enough!

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