Scale With Funding: Empowering Early-Stage Entrepreneurs to Secure $100k+ Capital

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For early-stage entrepreneurs, securing initial capital can often feel like an impossible challenge, with high interest rates and complex processes standing in the way. However, there is a game-changing solution: Scale With Funding, a company dedicated to transforming how budding entrepreneurs access the capital they need.

Scale With Funding’s Innovative Approach

Scale With Funding, founded by Alphonso Horton, offers a unique approach to business financing that has opened doors to success for countless aspiring entrepreneurs. The company focuses on providing access to 0% interest business funding, making the dream of business ownership more accessible than ever.

Horton’s own journey to success is one of determination and resilience. Growing up in Philadelphia, Horton is the son of Liberian immigrants. He grew up watching his parents work tirelessly, with his father drying cars and his mother balancing her roles as a cashier and a babysitter. Their entrepreneurial spirit eventually led to the opening of their first grocery store in 2005.

These early experiences gave Horton invaluable insights into customer service, sales, and team management. These lessons became the foundation of his rapid ascent in the world of finance and entrepreneurship.

Scale With Funding’s Impact

With over $20 million in funding channeled to small businesses, Scale With Funding’s innovative methods, particularly its focus on 0% interest business funding, have become a game-changer. Alongside co-founder Jack McColl, Horton has helped disseminate knowledge about the benefits of business credit. These benefits include business credit’s non-impact on personal credit reports and the potential for approval without income verification. On average, business owners secure an impressive $50,000 to $150,000 in funding through Scale With Funding’s revolutionary approach. This is further facilitated by the company’s “done-for-you” service, simplifying the path to business ownership.

A Commitment to Self-Education

Motivated by his favorite quote by Jim Rohn, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune,” Horton’s education took place outside the traditional classroom. His thirst for knowledge led him to seek mentorship from a veteran in the financial lending sector. Horton worked tirelessly for free, absorbing two decades’ worth of expertise in just a few months. This strategy gave him the insights needed to grow his own business exponentially.

Looking to the Future

While Scale With Funding has been a transformative force, Horton’s ambitions extend beyond this innovative company. Having ventured into real estate and healthcare, his aspirations over the next few years include his finance company funding over a billion dollars in working capital, expanding his real estate portfolio, and possibly transitioning his healthcare company to new hands. Beyond the business world, he dreams of establishing a non-profit that provides critical resources such as medicine and educational materials to less fortunate countries. This vision underscores his aspiration to level the global playing field.

Alphonso Horton’s journey and the impact of Scale With Funding demonstrate that entrepreneurial dreams are attainable with determination, mentorship, and smart financial choices. Scale With Funding is more than just a company; it’s a catalyst for early-stage entrepreneurs, unlocking the doors to their success and helping them turn their aspirations into reality.

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