Say Hello to Club 3: The Newest “It” Club for the Web3 Community

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In the heart of Los Angeles, where innovation meets glamor and everything else in between, a new hub is set to emerge. This winter, the city’s innovative spirit will take a massive leap into the future with the grand opening of Club 3, an exclusive members-only destination that fuses cutting-edge Web3 technology with real-world luxury. Backed by the powerhouse collaboration of Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood, Club 3 is poised to be the newest “it” club, revolutionizing not only LA’s vibrant social scene but also the burgeoning landscape of the Web3 world.

Born out of a vision to create a global community tailored for Web3 enthusiasts, artists, and rule-breakers, Club 3 goes beyond just being a physical space. It’s a testament to LA’s role as a global epicenter of technological transformation, pioneering an immersive experience where digital currency and NFTs intersect with traditional luxury hospitality. Welcome to the Club 3 experience, where exclusivity meets inclusivity in the Web3 community, and where the future of social networking begins.

The Club 3 Experience

As soon as you step foot in the 10,000 square ft. Club 3 establishment, you’ll be stepping into a world where digital and real-life luxury merge seamlessly. Located in West Hollywood, this revolutionary social club boasts unbeatable access to the most desirable spots in the city, offering an experience that’s as immersive as it is exclusive.

Behind this first-of-its-kind venture are Robert Earl, founder and CEO of Planet Hollywood, and Robert Tran, CEO of Madworld, who bring their collective expertise in hospitality and digital marketing to bear. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of social and professional networking in the Web3 industry.

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Becoming a Club 3 Member

Joining Club 3 is as groundbreaking as the club itself. By minting or purchasing a Club 3 NFT membership, members are granted exclusive access to this Web3 social club’s spaces and utilities. With Social, Founding, and Corporate Membership levels, and the opportunity to upgrade to a Global Membership, members can enjoy privileges tailored to their needs. But hurry – the Club 3 NFT drop is set for this winter.

Membership is more than access to a luxurious space; it’s an invitation into a community of forward-thinkers who see the boundless potential of Web3 technology. Within Club 3’s walls, members can connect with industry leaders, creators, and enthusiasts worldwide, unlocking a myriad of opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

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Powerful Partnerships: Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood

Club 3 is the fruit of a collaborative vision shared by Animoca Brands, the leading name in blockchain gamification, and Planet Hollywood, a global giant in luxury and entertainment. Together, these powerhouses have created an exclusive club that encapsulates the best of their respective worlds.

From Animoca Brands’ reputation for crafting unique NFT experiences to Planet Hollywood’s expertise in delivering unrivaled luxury and entertainment, Club 3 represents the confluence of digital and physical worlds. The result? An unparalleled experience that paves the way for the future of social networking within the Web3 community.

Step into the Future

The Club 3 experience is more than just a luxurious venue – it’s a symbol of LA’s vibrant future, where the boundaries between digital and real-life spaces dissolve. This winter, the doors of Club 3 will open to pioneers, innovators, and visionaries who dare to explore the full potential of Web3. Be a part of this exclusive global community curated for the Web3 world. Say hello to the future. Say hello to Club 3.

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