Sawyer Sharbino Goes Viral Again With His Newest Release ‘Manipulate’ Hitting The Charts

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Sawyer Sharbino is a talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. Sawyer Sharbino has become a notable and renowned celebrity throughout Hollywood and the globe. Reaching above 250 million impressions on social media, Sawyer Sharbino as of July 9th 2023 has just released his newest commercial EP ‘manipulate’. The star-pop singer has already garnered over hundreds of thousands of plays and views within the first 24 hours of the song’s release. Sharbino has gained the attention of millions of fans who’ve been long excited for the awaited record.

In today’s fast-paced world, the struggle to discern truth from falsehoods has become an everyday battle. With the rise of social media and the constant bombardment of contradicting information, it’s no wonder we find ourselves questioning what’s real and what’s fake. This struggle is one that resonates deeply with rising musician Sawyer Sharbino, who connects with his audience through his music. Sawyer understands firsthand the challenges of being caught in a web of deceit as he has endured highly publicized manipulation from the forces of social media. However, he believes that in 2023, everyone can relate to this manipulation in various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s the news that selectively informs or misinforms, or the contradictions on platforms like TikTok, the feeling of uncertainty is universal.

Drawing inspiration from the struggles faced by teens in middle America, where there always seems to be a “mean girl” vying for control over high school status, Sawyer’s music seeks to bridge the gap between young and old. He aims to provide a relatable soundtrack that resonates with anyone who has felt the weight of manipulation and the desire to break free from its clutches. With a desire to expand beyond the confines of YouTube, where his channel has been sabotaged time and time again, Sawyer is eager to explore the realm of music content creation. Through his music, he hopes to reach a wider audience, offering a voice that speaks to the shared experiences we all face in 2023 post Covid 19.

Sawyer Sharbino’s first and newest EP has already garnered over a quarter of a million streams in such a short amount of time and has landed multiple chart placements all over Spotify. The ‘manipulate’ EP consists of 7 songs – you say, don’t care, free, feel alive, met you, all the good vibes, and manipulate as the main title track. Sawyer has been composing the record for the past year – accompanied by the talent producer AUGY (Augustine Ryser) on the EP’s main hits such as manipulate, you say, don’t care, free, feel alive, and met you.

Sawyer’s first album “Manipulate” delves into the complexities of our modern world, drawing inspiration from the political confusion and the ongoing battles over media narratives and suppression. Sawyer, who has experienced manipulation firsthand, both from adults and the media, aims to shed light on these issues through his music.

“Free” celebrates the joy of growing up and the newfound freedom that comes with it. The lyrics highlight the importance of living in the present moment and not getting caught up in societal expectations, such as the traditional 9-5 job and the pressure to settle down with a wedding ring. It expresses a carefree attitude and encourages listeners to embrace life’s possibilities.

“Don’t Care” is an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to find their inner strength. It addresses the disappointment of realizing that some people who were believed to be supporters and friends do not have their best interests at heart. The song pushes back against those who try to hold you back and motivates you to move on and strive for personal growth and success.

“Feel Alive” immerses listeners in ethereal rhythms and dream-like imagery. The lyrics depict the singer in a state of bliss, potentially meeting “the one” or experiencing a profound connection. The song explores the idea of being captivated by someone and feeling alive in their presence. It leaves the listener longing for more moments like these, hoping that there is time to truly embrace the feeling of being alive.

“You Say” delves into the complexities of a new relationship that may not be working out as expected. It explores the uncertainties and challenges of modern relationships, especially when they are primarily carried out through text messages and phone calls. The song questions the nature of commitment and whether a relationship truly exists without a clear label or defined boundaries.

Sawyer Sharbino’s EP is giving his career a whole new polished, mature, and appealing look. The tracks swell with incredible elements between the use of guitar riffs, piano chords, and vintage synths. Sawyer Sharbino is gaining new vocal abilities and winning fans over with his low & raspy yet smooth melodies.

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