Saweetie has a Happy Birthday: Grammy-nominated rapper Saweetie has released two singles simultaneously — “Shot O’Clock” and, our pick, “Birthday.”

“‘Comin’ live on my birthday, spendin’ hundred racks on a new chain,’ Saweetie raps over a pulsing bassline,” reads the press release. “Her collaborators then tackle a verse a piece, each putting their own spin on the swaggering anthem. The final result is the kind of unstoppable club monster that demands people to move.”

True enough. And “Birthday” features guest spots by Tyga and YG, both of whom bring the fire. The song essentially sees Saweetie explain how she’s going to be celebrating her birthday, with new chains and going insane, while the fellas explain how they’ll be celebrating with her.

“In the track’s suitably slick video, Saweetie serves eye-candy and attitude on her birthday and it’s clear she’s in control,” they say. “Always the life of the party and a Goddess in true form, the video gives us a glimpse into lavish lifestyle and birthday shenanigans.”

Saweetie has a Happy Birthday: Saweetie’s “Birthday” and “Shot O’Clock” is out now.
















































































































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