After stomping the streets at ERMF on Saturday, we gave our feet a much-needed rest and watched others sweat it up for a change, as part of a judging panel for the LA version of New York Night Train's Soul Clap & Dance-Off at TheSex downtown. Along with a distinguished group that included Don Bolles, Lucha Va Voom vamps The Poubelle Twins and musician Oakley Munson (formerly The Witnesses in NY and currently Puddin Tang here in LA), we were given the task of choosing the baddest bootie shaker on the floor with sounds provided by DJ Jonathan Toubin, the popular Big Apple soul club's creator.

The West Coast version of the party may not have been the most crowded, but those who competed (old school Happy Days-style with paper numbers on their backs) were smokin,' as was the panel thanks to Don, who should spell his name “Bowls” from now on, if you get our whiff. Though our vision was a bit, um, clouded, the competition was fierce, coming down to “talent vs. hotness” as DB proclaimed.

A dark horse almost snagged the win by doing Flashdance-style flips, but ultimately a flexible fellow in white lived up to his number (#1) taking home $100. Runner-up got tix to Lucha Va Voom's Mask-erade Halloween show.

Our buddy Bolles had some bad luck later that night: his kit -still in his van after playing with Nervous Gender at ERMF earlier- was stolen from his van outside the downtown warehouse! While he says the drums were an “ugly mismatched set that just sounded great,” they did have sentimental value. Musician and pawn shop browzers, keep an eye out for the following:

– a 22″ x 20″ or 19″ Pearl kick drum, spray-painted silver;

– a black 16″ TAMA floor tom; a 60's/70's Ludwig chrome 14″ X 5″ snare

– a DW hi-hat stand

– a TAMA tom stand

– a 13″ dark green stripy LYRA; the logo is a picture of a lion

In other bummer news for the drummer, Hyperion Tavern, the home of Bolles' wonderfully-demented Ding-a-Ling night on Tuesdays has been banned from featuring live bands or emcees for the time being. See earlier post about Echo Curio's similar situation.

The Tav just fixed some zoning issues, but the latest problems have to do with its cabaret license, which could take 45 days or longer to renew and may encounter resistance thanks to what Bolles refers to as “frequent complaints by gentrified residents.”

Ding is still doing DJs and video at Hyperion (at lowered volume) but they did have some touring acts booked, which for the time being will be moved to the groovy underground art and music space called Show Cave in Glassell Park.

Matter of fact, there's big show there tonight, Tues., Oct. 5, featuring New Orleans' finest, MC Tracheotomy and Felix, surrealist chanteuse Bebe MacPherson (Bebe and Serge) and Brothers Collateral. Bolles says the “live musick” starts at 9:30 and goes til 1, and then it's “non-stop soul 7″s all night long” courtesy of Mr. Toubin (who happens to still be in town). No-ra Keyes from Fancy Space People will be at the door and Bolles himself will hosting the whole shee-bang! Come out and support. It's obviously been a hard week. $3 donation, but they'll accept more.

Show Cave is at 3501 Eagle Rock Blvd. Facebookers can see more info here.

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