A petite, blonde aspiring actress named Satara Stratton (but calling herself Satara Silver on IMDB) was first reported missing back in October by her mother, who lives out of state, says LAPD Detective Carmine Sasso.

“She's been spotted occasionally, but we always get the information kind of late,” says Sasso. However, they do believe she's been frequenting the 6500 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, near Highland Avenue in the heart of Hollywood.

By “missing,” police mean that the 24-year-old has lost touch with her mother.

Although Stratton is an adult and can technically live as she pleases, her mom “suspects that she has gotten involved in something bad and wants to get her some help,” says Detective Sasso. If she does finally turn up, the cop says that “all we can do is try to get something in place to help her.”

Credit: Satara Silver via Facebook

Credit: Satara Silver via Facebook

A removed blog post on Examiner.com by Sharon Stratton, who appears to be the missing woman's mother, claimed that Stratton was in the custody of “stalker turned abductor Paul Constantinesco — he and his group place Satara into life threatening situations via use of drugs, and coercion through violence.” (The young woman is friends with a creepy-looking “Paul Constantinescu” on Facebook.)

Detective Sasso confirms that “we're looking at information on acquaintances,” including a male whose information police might soon release.

The mother also posted this call for help to Facebook on February 3:

“Last seen November 22, 2011 under duress of a sex offender. Please help locate Satara Stratton (Silver-stage), last seen 6564 Santa Monica Blvd., 90038; has health issues risk to life, and previous torture by this man lead to suicidal ideations, and he forced drugs….please help”

According to her IMDB profile, Satara Silver played a bit part in two movies last year, including the character “Sarah” in Cult Movie. Here's her physical description and the contact info for her LAPD and Culver City Police Department investigators, via City News Service.

Stratton has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and

weighs about 90 pounds. She has a slim build and light complexion and suffers

from a serious medical condition, police said.

Anyone with information about Stratton's whereabouts is urged to call

the Culver City Police Department at (310) 837-1221 or Detective Carmine Sasso

of the LAPD's Adult Missing Persons Unit at (213) 996-1800.

The victim's mother apparently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Update: The aspiring actress is listed as a “voluntary missing adult” in the California State Department of Justice's missing-persons database.

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