The sexiest story to hit the newspaper world since Lou Grant wore short sleeves has a Los Angeles tie-in!

Thank the Lord.

It turns out that super-hottie society writer Sarah Tressler, fired after her not-so-secret night job as a stripper was revealed in Houston, was an intern right here in town — at the late, great LA CityBeat.

Not only that but, at the time, she readily admitted …

… being a sometime “dancer.”

Now, in the world of alternative media, that's just called supplementing your income. But for the Houston Chronicle, expressing yourself without the help of a printing press was a firable offence, unfortunately.



Something must have rang a bell for Matthew Fleischer at Fishbowl LA, because today he reminisces about the intern who rocked CityBeat's world in 2009, when he was an editor there:

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I remember her nearly constant smirking and dismissive eye-rolling during our editorial meetings, particularly (for some reason) when editor-in-chief Will Swaim would speak. Sometimes she'd call us (including Swaim) out for how terrible our ideas were-without offering the slightest hint of constructive criticism. We'd all be tossing ideas around and every-so-often we'd hear a loud grunt or groan from Sarah's corner of the table.

Pretty, pretty ballsy.

Yeah, baby. Well, you can speak you mind when you're pulling down … a reported $1,000 a night!

Your story ideas suck balls, boss, and if you don't like it you can suck on this wad of $1 bills.

Anywho, too bad for the Chronicle. A stripper who also hangs out with hat-wearing ladies who lunch is frigging gangsta.

It's like being a crime reporter who slangs on the side. You know she really knows what's going on. Half those blue-haired ladies' husbands have had Tressler on their laps. Right?

So here's the kicker, Sarah:

LA Weekly is the kind of place where you could dance and write about society, no questions asked.

We're not offering you a job jest yet, as hiring powers don't extend down to lowly Guy Who Blogs.

But consider this: We almost have more strip clubs in L.A. than pot shops. And society? Heard of Hollywood? Yeah. And seeing how half the celebrities out here have done “home videos,” we're sure you'd be welcome with open arms.

In fact, L.A. is one of the few cities in the world where strip clubs and society intersect (at the Playboy Mansion). And Hollywood Boulevard has a better selection of stripper shoes than Hef's closet.

Think about it.

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