The Obama Inauguration Day shenanigans are beginning early with Mito Aviles and ChadMichael Morrisette's Ebay auction of their infamous Sarah Palin mannequin. They strung her up last Halloween, much to the dismay/delight of their West Hollywood neighborhood. (For the backstory, go here.) The auction begins today (Jan. 13) and ends on the 20th. You'll also get a “larger-than-life John McCain political propaganda head poster.” 
To get to the Ebay auction, look up the auctioneer: “neverbeforeneveragain.” Or just click here. Bidding starts at a thousand bucks. Proceeds go towards more of the artists' rooftop installations.
“In case you were wondering,” says Aviles, “Her noose accessory will be included.”
Super! But will she be shipping in a coffin? 
Maybe, says Aviles, in a pine box.

LA Weekly