Sarah Chung, the Los-Angeles Home Girl Helping First-Time Home Buyers Find Their Dream Homes

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Buying a house is an exciting and self-fulfilling moment for many. It is also a huge financial decision, and with the amount of money you pump into the project, you want the perfect home that meets all your requirements. But finding your dream property can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for first-time home buyers. Given the complicated network of mortgage rates, tax laws, and others, it can be hard for first-time home buyers to buy a home and avoid costly mistakes. Sarah Chung, a real estate agent based in Los Angeles, understands this fully, which is one reason she focuses on helping first-time home buyers in this process.

Sarah’s main focus and love is helping buyers navigate through the maze of real estate transactions, providing them with the right information and tools to help them acquire their dream properties in Los Angeles. With Sarah’s vast network and experience in the space, she also works closely with sellers and landlords as she helps clients sell their properties or helps them fill vacancies by providing them with tenants to fill property vacancies.

Her distinct approach to selling/buying and leasing sets her apart. To Sarah, real estate isn’t about the house, finances, or sales—it is about serving the client and making the experience worthwhile. This is one of the key reasons she dove into real estate in the first place.

When asked how Sarah got into real estate, she mentioned, “I decided to become a real estate agent early on when I was 14. My parents were actually shopping for a home themselves and I just tagged along. They were interested in new construction, so we were shown a model home. The agent who was showing us seemed so cool and you could tell she loved her work. I wanted to be just like her, so I did everything she did,  moved to LA, attended UCLA, and got my real estate license, and now here I am!”. She just took it one step further by also getting her broker license.

Building confidence as an agent also took a lot of work and preparation to master. After working with many clients over the years, Sarah is now seasoned and equipped to help clients all over Los Angeles. It’s now a matter of helping clients and making sure they find their dream homes.

Sarah has been in the Los Angeles real estate scene for more than 9 years. She knows the market like the back of her hand due to her overwhelming commitment to clients by going above and beyond by going anywhere they need across LA. Most agents are tied to a specific part of the city and have trouble assisting clients in areas they’re unfamiliar with when that’s never been a problem for her

She also manages all transactions for her team, making sure files are compliant. Sarah’s skills and qualifications as a licensed broker also give her an upper hand by being able to properly check when other agents might have trouble doing so. During her career, Sarah has completed over 300 transactions and sold over $250M of real estate, and received various awards. Back in 2021, she was chosen by the Los Angeles Magazine as one of the Real Estate All-Stars for her real estate expertise and knowledge.

When we spoke with Sarah, she also mentioned, “One of my goals or aspirations is to, later on, own a wedding venue, being able to make an impact on people’s life by providing a memorable experience for couples getting married sounds amazing.”

As she continues to build her brand, she says her goal is to help many more buyers and sellers in the Los Angeles market as she makes the process more fun. Sarah Chung is breaking down the home buying process for first-time home buyers, walking with them every step of the journey.

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