L.A. City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana was back at work today for the first time since getting a DUI three weeks ago.

For the city, his rehab stint was not unlike Manny Ramirez's 50-game suspension for using fertility drugs. You don't condone what he did — you're just glad to see him back in the lineup.

Actually, the Dodgers did a lot better without Ramirez than L.A. has done without Santana.

In Santana's absence, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got in a pissing match with the City Council and threatened to shut down City Hall for two days a week though he knew he didn't have the power to do it. He spent much of last week lashing out at the council, the unions, and the media. Hard to imagine things would have deteriorated that badly if Santana were around.

Next week, Villaraigosa gives his speech on the State of the City and has to deliver a proposed budget. Since he's not the best spokesman for himself at the moment, Santana will have to suit up quick. Welcome back.

LA Weekly