This week we told you how the Tea Party invaded the Westside in that bastion of working-class rage, Beverly Hills. Well now it looks like our favorite living liberal named Jerry Rubin is fighting back this weekend.

That's right, Jerry Peace Activist Rubin (his legal name) welcomes you to the “Dunk The Tea Baggers” press conference Saturday in Santa Monica. He'll be marking “130 days on a liquid-only 'Anti-Tea Party Protest Fast,” he says.

(He says his diet includes supplements and assures us he wouldn't dare become a martyr for this particular cause).

Rubin, who's running for Santa Monica City Council, says the day also marks the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi.

“It's time to dunk the tea baggers,” he says.

With all the innuendo, we're not sure what to expect at the event at Third Street Promenade: The usual array of stinky (but rich) Westsiders who want to save the environment while living in massive McMansions or … an actual porn set.

But the event creates a cool contrast for Westside politics: Beverly Hills Tea Partiers vs. Santa Monica geezer liberals. Which side are you on?

11 a.m. Saturday at 1444 Third Street Promenade.

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