The Santa Monica City Council voted this week to ban smokers from lighting up 25-feet of a door or window in any multi-unit residential building, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. The 4-1 vote was aimed specifically at those who smoke on balconies and patios.

“One of the concerns with secondhand smoke laws has been giving landlords new tools to harass and evict lower-income, lower-rent tenants,” Councilman Kevin McKeown told the newspaper.

Over the years Santa Monica residents have seen a slew of smoking-ban propositions. The city already has some no-smoking ordinances in effect, including a ban on smoking on public beaches and in outdoor dining areas.

Though there is no fine in place for this law, violators could be held to account in small claims court.

The new restriction will begin in September.

“If you want to smoke, go take a walk,” Councilman Bob Holbrook said.

LA Weekly