Sandra Bernhard performs I Love Being Me, Don't You? this weekend, and through August 21. Check out Amy Lyons' review on Tuesday.

(Here are the latest capsule NEW THEATER REVIEWS and this week's  Theater feature on Melissa James Gibson's This, at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.)

Also check back on Tuesday for all capsule NEW THEATER REVIEWS seen over the weekend. In addition to Sandra Bernhard, these include Devil's Love at Midnight over at Zombie Joe's Underground; Dolls!, Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo's new musical at Santa Monica Playhouse; Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis, presented by City Garage Bergamot Station/Track 16, also in Santa Monica; the latest Groundlings sketch comedy offering, Live Nude Groundlings, over at the Groundlings Theatre; Michael Cilnis' The New Girl from the Former Mrs. ___, presented by

Skypilot Theatre at T.U. Studios in North Hollywood; Doug Haverty's new play, Next Window, Please at North Hollywood's Lonny Chapman Theatre; Kyle Jarrows' comedy, Trigger presented by TNT Entertainment at Hollywood's Second Stage Theater; and , Enda Walsh's The Walworth Farce, at Burbank's The Banshee


From the Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation:

As a grant-maker

devoted to active philanthropy, The Sheri and Les Biller Family

Foundation is committed to staying in touch with our grantees in the

theatre community and providing new opportunities for organizations to

sustain and enhance their artistic activities.


are proud to announce a new award for small Los Angeles-based

non-profit theatres in recognition of their innovative strategies to

fulfilling their mission. The

Foundation seeks to support exceptional theatre organizations that have

given significant thought to their long-term viability and who have

distinguished themselves from other Los Angeles theatres.


Biller Family Foundation will reward organizations with general

operating grants varying in size from $2,500 to $10,000. Applications

will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1) demonstration of the

organization's ability to think creatively and aspirationally and 2)

quality of how ideas are articulated. Unlike previous Biller Family

Foundation theatre funding, this award is not limited to theatre

organizations serving young audiences.

Who Can Apply?

1. Non-profit theatre organizations based in Los Angeles County


Organizations with an annual operating budget for the most

recently-completed fiscal year with income of more than $100,000 and

less than $1.5 million

3. Organizations that have completed the California Cultural Data Project and the LA Stage Arts Census


Organizations with a history of at least two consecutive years of

producing and/or presenting theatre to Los Angeles County audiences


September 16, 2011: Proposals due by 5 p.m. via email to or postmarked by USPS. Biller Family Foundation mailing address is 10877 Wilshire Boulevard., #1703, Los Angeles, CA 90024.
September 19 – Proposals reviewed, organizations contacted with any follow-up
October 28, 2011: questions.
November 4, 2011: Grantees announced and donations made.

Application Should Include
Note: Narrative for Items 1 – 8 should be no more than four pages

1. Legal Name of Organization and Tax ID Number

2. Address Information, Online Information if Applicable – Website, Facebook, Twitter

3. Primary Contact for this Application: Name, Title, Phone Number and Email address

4. Mission Statement of Organization


Staff: What is the staff structure for any paid theatre staff? Note

full-time vs. part-time staff and include 1-paragraph bios for the

organization's artistic leader(s).


Community/Core Audience: Who does your organization primarily serve?

What is the number of individuals your organization interacts with on an

annual basis? How are you reaching out to

various members of your community?


Mission Fulfillment and Organizational Relevance: What activities will

your theatre engage in between November 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 to

fulfill its mission? How do these activities distinguish your

organization from others? How do these activities keep your organization

relevant to the citizens of Los Angeles County? Include information

about your process for making artistic decisions.


Sustainability: What factors threaten your organization's vitality?

What solutions has your organization implemented that demonstrate how

you stay relevant and ensure your continued existence?

9. Copy of Board-approved Budget for Current Fiscal Year with Written Explanations when Appropriate

10. Copy of 501 c-3 tax-exempt status letter

11. Copy of Audited Financial Statement for most recently-completed fiscal year.


Artistic Documentation Sample. Please include a video sample of the

organization's work, not to exceed 4 minutes in length. The sample can

be submitted as a YouTube link, or a DVD.

How Award Funds Can be Used

* Award funds cannot be used to fund new staff positions.

* Award funds cannot fund the purchase or construction of a theatre venue.

* Award funds must cover expenses for activities around

artistic programming must takes place between November 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 (and can extend beyond this timeframe).

With Questions

* Do not call the Biller Family Foundation with questions about your application.

* Please email or consult

Sarah Lyding
Executive Director

Phone: 310.443.3458 | Fax: 310.443.3460
10877 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1703
Los Angeles, CA 90024 

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