The mayor of San Gabriel called it quits Tuesday — over some dumplings and, allegedly, a disputed purse.

Albert Huang will go down in history for his after-hours altercation over cash with a woman he has called a friend. It happened Friday at the New Taste Dumpling House when got into it with a woman who allegedly hit the mayor with a full steamer full of tasty xiao long bao.

Huang allegedly responded with a splash of vinegar. Mmm, vinegar.

But things got worse: Police say the victim went for the late-night walk of shame to a nearby ATM and returned.

Huang allegedly pawed at the cash in front of the whole restaurant. Outside, he allegedly nabbed her purse, and she held on for dear life outside his vehicle as he drove off for blocks until stopping at Newby Avenue.

The result? Thirty-five-year-old Huang was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery and assault.

Hizzoner has said it was a big misunderstanding, but he refused to let reporters know what he thinks really happened.

“I want to devote 100 percent of my efforts to protect my family and to clear my name in court,'' he said. “This will certainly affect my future performance of the duties and performance of the duties and responsibilities as the mayor for the great city of San Gabriel.''

LA Weekly