Looking for the perfect gift, just the right way to send your condolences, or maybe to thank that potential employer for the interview? Samwell has you covered. For just $9.95 you can have Samwell make a personal call: that's right, the “What What In The Butt” guy is available for live phone greetings!

We all remember Samwell from when he first shimmied into the Youtube spotlight. Or if you missed that you knew him once South Park did a spoof of “What What In The Butt” with Butters as Samwell. These days Samwell is all grown up as an internet sensation and doing Super Bowl commercials, but somehow he finds the time to call his fans. For $9.95.

Read on and watch Samwell's “What What In The Butt” video:

According to his website he is available for, “Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, Bar Mitzvahs, Christmas, April Fool's Day, or just to say HI!”

One question, what is “Sweetest Day”?

Seriously, Samwell will call you just to say hi, if you pay him. This may be the greatest service of all time. A close second would be Samwell's iPhone App called, “Shaky Advice” where he gives you, well, shaky advice.

Just imagine your loved one, future employer, or self answering that blocked call and receiving the greatest thing since miniature ponies, a message from Samwell with a personal “What What In The Butt” message.

LA Weekly