Samuel Hagai: Creating Dialogues Through The Powerful Language Of Mural Arts

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Samuel Hagai is a famous name in LA, known for his remarkable murals that are displayed in many galleries and public places in cities across the country. This self-taught graffiti artist was born in 1982, and 12 years later, he started painting using oil paint on canvas. And he hasn’t looked back since then, and never in a million years did he imagine that 20 years later, he would be a world-renowned artist with unparalleled skills in the fields of hyper-realistic and surrealistic art.

Samuel’s creative works are prevalent in his own country and several other nations, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Paris. His works of art have piqued the interest of many aesthetes from all over the globe. As a consequence of this, his works are now on display in a wide variety of public locations, galleries, museums, exhibitions, institutions of higher education, corporate offices, and military bases in Israel and the United States.

His unfathomable ability to paint murals of every imaginable style, ranging from abstract to surrealist to photorealistic to expressionist to graffiti, is being put to use in the creation of community centerpieces that bring people together to embrace history and heritage. His paintings are utilized to attract new businesses via mural advertising. Samuel possesses an unrivaled talent for fashioning dialogue out of anything in order to elicit particular behaviors. He has the exceptional ability to transform anything into a canvas on which to create extraordinary works of art.

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His current success is hardly surprising, considering the effort, devotion, and time he put into honing his skills. Starting off as an artist was tough for him as he didn’t have the strong financial stability to invest in his art supplies. Instead of pursuing formal art education, he trained himself on his own, working long hours to save up money for the supplies he needed to create his masterpieces. He had dedicated every bit of his soul to carry out the work that he was passionate about. For him, it was more of a form of self-expression than a hobby. He showed his artwork to his loved ones, close friends, neighbors, and, eventually, the local Israeli communities. Unbeknownst to him, he got an outpouring of love and praise for his work. After seeing his work, collectors, galleries, and admirers from all over the globe sought him out.

As a result, in 2017, he was invited by the American department store chain “Macy’s” to create a Christmas mural artwork. His masterpiece was displayed in the department for two months, exposing him to millions of people all over the globe. In addition, he was commissioned to create four murals at the United States Air Force Base in New Jersey in 2019, and in the same year, he organized an independent exhibition in the West Village neighborhood of New York. These were major milestones in his career as a muralist, and they altered the course of his life. What he does serves as more than just a means of making a living; it also serves as a kind of therapeutic expression for him. According to Samuel, there is no monetary value that can compare to the feeling of seeing the reactions of his clients once they view the finished work.

His artworks are captivating, inventive, and unrestricted in their creative expression. And at a time when people are becoming more interested in murals, artists such as Samuel Hagai are more important and invaluable than ever. The marketing strategies of many companies are being taken to the next level by collaborating with mural painters in order to produce unique works of art. Samuel Hagai is a talented mural artist, and one of his goals is to utilize his talents to bring his customers’ imaginations to life by transforming their dreams and desires into works of art that they will never forget. Samuel’s artwork serves as a little nudge to people, prompting them to remember what it’s like to be alive and inspiring them to infuse more color and excitement into lives that may otherwise be dull and boring.

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