As I was researching infantilism, adult babies and diaper loving (homework assignment, I swear) I decided to take a bit of a break and check out my regularly scheduled gossip and pop culture blogs.

One in particular regularly exposes me to the wonders of the world using snarky and inappropriate language and today Michael K at again failed to disappoint me.

I'm from the east coast. I often miss New York, as it's a city of deeper history, taller buildings and stellar public trans, but when things like the Eros Day uber-orgy are announced my Los Angeles libido reminds me why this is my new home.

But I digress.

Ever heard of Ollie's Place? It's a no-kill animal shelter. That makes it awesome immediately. (Though it might make some of us in the sex blog community cringe at the thought of wasted pelts.)

There are two roommates at Ollie's who are particularly fond of each other and are in the midst of planning a ceremony to make their bond official. Oh, they're cats. So yeah, hopefully there will be little hats and involved.


The kicker? Bruno and Solomon homeowsexual.

On Jan. 27 these two kitties will unite at 7 p.m. in a ceremony not unlike those you see on “A Wedding Story” or “Bridalplasty.” Err, so I've read…in the New York Times. Or something.

Solomon and Bruno

Solomon and Bruno

Though this “marriage” will only hold as much clout as the average human same-sex union, I'm sure it means the world to these cats.

In NYC and depressed that it's not 80 degrees in January? (What up, L.A.!) Head to 1643 1st Ave. #1 from 7-9:30 p.m. and celebrate with the rest of the furries!

I just hope Bruno's ready to commit to sniffing only one ass for the rest of his life.

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