Sam Tripoli was a finalist on a Howard Stern comedy contest. In his act, he makes fun of a disabled stripper and does Hulk Hogan jokes. He even asked Latina women if they enjoy being Mexican. Yes, he's low-brow.

L.A. WEEKLY: Tripoli? What does it mean?

When translated to English it means sexy, or, as my grandmother use to say, “That dirty man heat!”

Who are some other funny Armenians?

There are a few of us. Myself, Ara Basil, John Hoogasian and the Kardashians. There's also a guy named Sam the Armenian Comedian (different Armenian Sam) but we don't really claim him, he's kind of like the Bryant Gumble of Glendale. All I have to say is thank God for System of a Down!

So what's this Naughty Show all about?

I really wanted to put a show together that just goes for the jugular and causes total chaos! Honestly, I think comedy has become too safe and predictable and I want to change that. The Naughty Show has everything from adult-film stars, such as Penny Flame and Belladonna, to amazing standup comics and some of the most insane audience-participation segments ever.

You got the crap beaten out of you by professional fighter Rampage — was that a good idea?

Hell, yeah. I mean, how many people can say they fought the Light Heavyweight Champion of the World? Plus I learned two valuable things about myself that day. First, I'm not a pro athlete. Second and most important, I wouldn't last long in prison!

Planning any more stunts like that?

In this economy, without a doubt. If some guy with a camera said, “Hey, dude, I'll give you a couple grand if you run over there and kickbox that tranny hooker!” I would be like, “Give me the cash, tell my mother I love her and let's rock and roll!”

Does your act have a “Margaritaville” — a bit that your fans demand you do?

Yeah, its a bit I call “A Salute to America!” and I created it during my USO Tour in Afghanistan. Basically, at the end of my performance, I show my support for our troops by motorboating women's boobs while an audience member sings the “Star Spangled Banner”! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

If you had your own reality show a la Kathy Griffin, what would be some of the highlights of your average day?

It would start with me updating all my social-networking pages on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Then I would attempt to O.D. on caffeine, coffee and Red Bulls! Because there's nothing like doing nothing really fast! Then I look at my phone to see who has called, and if I don't owe them money or I'm pretty sure I couldn't have gotten them pregnant I call them back and make up some shit about how awesome my career is going. I think my reality show would fit nicely on the Public Access channel, right after the show that stars the homeless lady in a wheelchair who gets up and dances. Total hour of power, Tripoli and wheels, kiss my ass 30 Rock and The Office!

You are hilarious with man-on-the-street interviews. You actually asked two Latina women how they enjoy being Mexican. Do you ever get into trouble for comments like that?

Nah, it's just comedy, seriously, they're just jokes. Plus I really got nothing but love for everyone, except for when I'm driving and stuck in traffic. Trust me, you could put the Dalai Lama on the 405 and after he's gone 10 feet in an hour I guarantee you he'd start flipping everyone off! I don't think that if you make fun of someone that means you hate them; it's just observations. Plus, I love Mexican girls, they are sexy, passionate women and they lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve to bone in the car.

If you could never leave one block in L.A., where would it be?

I love Hollywood Blvd. because it's like a human safari. I mean where else could you take a picture with superman who has man boobs! Plus they've got pizza slices the size of boat sails and that makes me tingle in my happy places!

What do you do all day when you're on the road?

Wish I was home!

Thu., July 16, 8 p.m., 2009

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